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Community Connections: Steve Schneeberger

Welcome to another Community Connections! This week, it is my pleasure to feature Steve Schneeberger with Keller Williams Realty. Steve began his real estate career in 2002. He became inspired to enter the real estate business initially as an investor. However, after completing his license training he realized that a career in residential real estate […]

Economic Development

Last week, Richfield had the pleasure of hosting our quarterly B.E.E.R. event. Bill Blazar, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Business Development with the MN Chamber, spoke to our members on economic development and what to expect from the legislature for the rest of 2017. We learned that innovators are driving business and growing […]

Community Connections: Daniel Randolph

Welcome to Community Connections! As our Chamber members send me their bios, there is a recurring “commute to work on your bike” theme that keeps coming up. This week, it is my pleasure to introduce you to another member who, when he gets to work, has to change out of his bike shoes. Introducing Dan Randolph of […]

Keep the Talent You Have

I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful conference last week on workforce development. One of the topics covered was keeping the talent you have and the struggle with employee turnover. Most companies are going to experience some level of employee flux, but how do we keep our company below industry norms? Last week we […]

Community Connections: Scott Hvizdos

Welcome to another Community Connections! This week, it is my pleasure to highlight Scott Hvizdos. Scott is the current President of the Richfield Foundation and a community member. Scott has been a part of the Richfield Foundation since 2012 and the Board Chair since 2014. Becoming active in the Richfield Foundation has given him a greater […]