Community Connections: Steve Schneeberger

Welcome to another Community Connections! This week, it is my pleasure to feature Steve Schneeberger with Keller Williams Realty. Steve began his real estate career in 2002. He became inspired to enter the real estate business initially as an investor. However, after completing his license training he realized that a career in residential real estate would be exciting and rewarding and he’s been growing his business ever since. It turns out that helping people buy and sell homes has become Steve’s career calling. His areas of focus include Richfield, Bloomington, Edina and South Minneapolis.

Steve is also a Richfield resident and volunteers his time and resources to help the Richfield Foundation and serves on the 4th of July Committee. When he is not working, he enjoys traveling with his wife and daughter. In 2015 they went to Costa Rica and in 2016 he spent a week in New York City. Next Steve hopes to travel to Panama!

Economic Development

Last week, Richfield had the pleasure of hosting our quarterly B.E.E.R. event. Bill Blazar, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Business Development with the MN Chamber, spoke to our members on economic development and what to expect from the legislature for the rest of 2017. We learned that innovators are driving business and growing at an exceptional rate. That means that if you are looking to grow your company, the best way to do that is to offer something new to the market; a new product, idea, or service.

Companies leading the front in innovation out preformed their industry peers by over 20%. Please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about economic development in Minnesota.

Looking ahead, we have a member Happy Hour this Thursday, hosted by Patrick Nau, at his photography studio. Happy Hours are complimentary member meetings and a great way for you to expand your network. Also, make sure you are checking out the Chamber Facebook page to see what’s happening in our community and with our members.

Community Connections: Daniel Randolph

Welcome to Community Connections! As our Chamber members send me their bios, there is a recurring “commute to work on your bike” theme that keeps coming up. This week, it is my pleasure to introduce you to another member who, when he gets to work, has to change out of his bike shoes. Introducing Dan Randolph of Minnesota Interactive. Dan has owned Minnesota Interactive for over 7 years. Minnesota Interactive is an eMarketing and Search Solutions company that can help you maximize your web presence. The most rewarding part of Dan’s day is sitting down with his clients to show them how their eMarketing strategies are paying off.

When he’s not at his desk, strategizing new, effective ways to promote your company, he’s usually out biking on a trail. Someday, he will travel to France to watch the tour, and I bet if there wasn’t an ocean in his way, he’d find a way to bike there! In addition to owning Minnesota Interactive, Dan and his wife Nancy, also volunteer for the 4th of July Committee. He is a Richfield resident and loves giving back to one of the biggest events in our city (and I bet he bikes to his volunteer station too)!

If you’re thinking about increasing your company’s web presence, reach out to Dan and ask him how Minnesota Interactive can help!

Keep the Talent You Have

I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful conference last week on workforce development. One of the topics covered was keeping the talent you have and the struggle with employee turnover. Most companies are going to experience some level of employee flux, but how do we keep our company below industry norms?

Last week we discussed Leadership qualities. Did you take a moment and do some introspection of the type of leader you are to your employees? It was discussed at the conference that one of the biggest reasons people leave a company is because of lack of leadership. Often times, people quit their supervisor, not their company.

If you experience high turnover, it might be time to invest in people-centered management. At their core, people want to feel valued and it is the responsibility of leadership to create a clear connection at every employee level between themselves and the company’s mission. People will stay with a company if they believe in the mission and are made to feel a part of it.

What is your company’s mission? Is it clearly defined? Do you create opportunities for each employee to feel a part of that mission? In doing so, is your company earning the reputation of a “great place to work?” There is always going to be a company that offers higher pay, more employee perks, flexibility in schedules or some other benefit, so don’t compete with that. Do the best that you can for your employees, but create a culture of purpose. Set clearly defined roles at every employee level and challenge them to work “with” each other to achieve the common goal. Actively engaged employees that feel valued, will increase your company’s productivity while building the reputation of being a “Great Place to Work!”

Community Connections: Scott Hvizdos

Welcome to another Community Connections! This week, it is my pleasure to highlight Scott Hvizdos. Scott is the current President of the Richfield Foundation and a community member. Scott has been a part of the Richfield Foundation since 2012 and the Board Chair since 2014. Becoming active in the Richfield Foundation has given him a greater understanding of all that goes on in our community. Scott has spent the majority of his career in the non-profit sector and is energized by all the great work that is done in these groups and the community spirit that sustains them. His favorite way to get in touch with people is through email, so go ahead, send him a note and find out what the Foundation is up to in our community.

Some of Scott’s other interests are joining a game of pick-up basketball or heading down to watch the Twins play. He also has 2 dogs that he loves to walk on the trails by the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers. If he had the opportunity, he would hop a plane to South Korea to visit an old grad school friend. The Chamber and our Richfield community are lucky to have people like Scott involved who make sure the needs of our community are filled!

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