Spring is definitely here! Each day, the weather keeps getting a little better and as we take in all that Spring offers, have you ever wondered, Am I getting better each day too?

As creatures of habit, most mornings we have the same routine. Today, during my routine, I came across a question one of my friends had posted, “What will you do today to make someone’s day better?”  That question has stayed with me and I thought I would bring it to all of you, in our Weekly Update. With the Chamber being full of business owners and business leaders, I keep thinking of this in terms of leadership.

How will you, as the leader or representative of your company, make someone’s day better? Will you focus on your employee relationships? Will it be in terms of serving your customers differently today? Or maybe it will be as a patron yourself, when you’re making that bank deposit or ordering your espresso. What does our leadership style say about us? How do we effectively get the best out of the people around us? Are you the type of leader who has people working “for” you? Or are you the type of leader who has people working “with” you? Often times we find that the type of leadership is reflected in company moral. Does your company struggle with moral? Or are you a shining example of a leader who works “with” those around you?

I would like to challenge you to spend some time this week thinking about your leadership style and how you want that reflected in your company. How do we lead to create an environment of achievement, in those around us? Let’s start a conversation within our Chamber community of successes and how to cultivate a positive leadership style.

Community Connections: Addie Kelzer

It’s Spring! Have you been hiding away in your office all winter and now with the sun shining and the flowers blooming thinking to yourself, it’s time to ditch the sweaters and jackets! Well I am, and in this week’s Community Connections, I am introducing you to Addie Kelzer, Owner and Personal Trainer of Urban Fitness TC. Addie is going to make sure we all look good in our Spring clothes!

Urban Fitness TC provides Private Fitness Coaching, Nutrition Consulting, Stott Pilates and Group Fitness Instruction. Every client is like a puzzle; you are an individual. Your approach to health and fitness should reflect that! Addie will build a custom fitness and nutrition plan for you. Start developing habits that will last a lifetime, you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

In addition to owning her own company, Addie is also the president of the Richfield BNI group. If that wasn’t enough, in her spare time, Addie donates platelets at the Red Cross and volunteers with a wedding professionals group. Last month they donated their time at Bridging to help organize donated items in the warehouse.

Think of what you could do with a healthy lifestyle and all the added energy that comes with it! What are you waiting for? Reach out to Addie today, and at the very least, schedule an office fitness session- you’ll be glad you did!

Member Engagement is Up!

Welcome to May! While the weather may be keeping us guessing as to the season, the calendar says we are well into 2nd quarter! We have had tremendous growth this year in terms of member engagement. We celebrated Nic Romero, with Arazon Financial Group, and his Small Business of the Year achievement at the Mpls/Airport Hilton. There were over 50 members in attendance.

We also celebrated our relationship with Holy Angles and Richfield Senior High School. Each year, Bernie’s Montessori & Preschool and Richfield Bloomington Honda award scholarships to two outstanding seniors. We are proud that our business community supports our future leaders through these continuing relationships.

I was fortunate to attend Senator Franken’s Advancing Career Pathway’s Summit in April and am excited about the prospect of further developing the relationship our business community has with our community schools. If you would like to be a part of this process, please reach out to me and let me know.

Looking ahead we have a busy month. Tomorrow (May 3) I will be hosting Coffee with the President at the Chamber office. These meetings are designed to be an informal way to share ideas and discuss current business trends with your Chamber peers. On Wednesday, May 17 we will be hosting B.E.E.R.  Please make sure you register early as space will be limited. B.E.E.R. meetings are a great way for you to make new connections with business leaders from other Chambers.

Finally, our member Happy Hour this month will be hosted by Patrick Nau at his photography studio and all are welcome to attend- even your furry friends! I look forward to seeing you at a Chamber meeting this month!

Community Connections: Mary Christenson

Welcome again to Community Connections where each week we like to highlight a member of our Chamber! This week it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mary Christenson! Mary is not only a resident of Richfield, she is also a member of The Lions Club and Secretary of the Optimist Club. Her favorite thing to do is help people. In whatever capacity presents itself, Mary is always there with a smile and a helping hand.

Mary delivers Meals on Wheels and also volunteers her time taking care of the gardens at her church. When she is not busy volunteering, Mary is working on her writing. Her dream is to write a novel someday; although she will admit, starting is the hardest part.

The last vacation she took was to Texas for a family wedding and someday, she hopes to travel to London! Mary enjoys lots of things, but what she would most enjoy, would be to connect with you! So when you see her around town, most likely as a volunteer, make sure to stop and say hello and ask her if she’s started her novel yet!

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