Soldier Runs from Airport to March in Parade

Soldier Runs to Parade

A heart-warming story has emerged from Richfield’s 4th of July parade as told by RCOC members Lin and Rob Shurtleff who are also Richfield 4th of July committee members. “The guy holding the flag in this picture absolutely touched my [Rob] heart yesterday. While going through the parade staging area to look for parade participants who hadn’t checked in, I see this guy in military uniform come running down the street. He was desperately out of breath and once he’d had a second to catch his breath, he informed me that he had run all the way to Nicollet Avenue FROM THE AIRPORT.” 

Rob continues, “Someone had told him that if he could make it to Richfield, he could be in the parade and he wanted so badly to carry our nation’s flag in the parade. Every time I saw him along the parade route, he was just like in this picture. Thank you to this man and all military members for the sacrifices you make.” Lin and Rob have been volunteering at the Richfield 4th for seven years. Lin also met the soldier, “I asked him if he’d like me to give him a ride in the golf cart up to where the VFW & American Legion groups were. The look he gave me was of total disbelief and he said, ‘Really?? You’d do that??’ Here this guy had just run all that way and HE was floored that someone would offer him a short ride. I’ve kicked myself a million times that I didn’t get his contact information.”

If you have any idea who this soldier is, we’d like to know! Contact the Chamber with details. View the 4th of July event photos here. Congratulations to the entire Richfield 4th of July committee for a tremendous celebration!