Leadership MN – Session 1 Recap


The first session of this exclusive program to which RCOC Chamber President, Angie Schaefbauer was accepted has begun! 35 members of the class of 2014-2015 gathered in Mankato for a jam-packed agenda. Attendees developed an understanding of the economic, demographic and public policy issues facing Minnesota as they relate to the business environment – preparing us for this distinctive tour of our state. The session also explored the ever changing financial services industry and examined how manufacturers are responding to global competition.

Day 1 we heard from Bill Blazar, interim president of the MN Chamber, a demographic and economic specialist, a panel on cyber security, an expert on the financial services industry and finally a briefing from the MN Chamber. Day 2 was dedicated to industry tours: Jones Metal Products with Sarah Richards, President & CEO and then on to Cambria with CEO Marty Davis.