184 Members and Counting!

MembershipDriveThank you to the 22 new members who have invested in the Richfield Chamber in 2014!! Membership in the Chamber of Commerce is both an investment in, and a commitment to the outstanding community in which we conduct business. A larger and stronger Chamber member base is one of the ways to facilitate Richfield’s efforts to attract new businesses and visitors, educate and train our workforce, and build a stronger community. We are 16 new members away from reaching an all-time membership goal of 200 members! There’s never been a better time to be a part of this dynamic, relevant and growing business community! 

After all, we are the leading business organization in Richfield because we demonstrate bold leadership on business issues, serve members through innovative programs -AND- are the go-to resource for business in the area! With a population of 35,000, we estimate that there are easily 1000 businesses in Richfield! Help us connect businesses and build economic prosperity in Richfield – join today!