2014 Voter’s Guide

2014 Election

November 4, 2014 election day is coming up! The Richfield Chamber has compiled this list of resources to help voters get ready to embrace their civic responsibility: 

Register to vote. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, there’s still time.

Know the issues: The Minnesota Chamber’s legislative bill tracker identifies the priority pro-jobs bills that they advocated for as well as the anti-jobs bills that they defeated at the 2014 Legislature. Many of the same issues are expected to be at the forefront in 2015.

Know your candidates: Click here to see who is seeking to represent you at the State and US level; learn all about Richfield candidates here.

Know where your candidates stand on your concerns: The Minnesota Chamber’s voting record shows how incumbents voted on business priorities at the Legislature.

Find your polling place: You’re armed with the information. Now be certain you know where to cast your ballot. All of Richfield’s voting information can be found here.

Don’t live in Richfield? Learn more about all Minnesota candidates here.