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Wellness Update: Quacks Were Right – Scientific Consensus Was Wrong

According to recent research funded by the NIH itself, Lyme disease is never necessarily cured by any duration of antibiotic treatment: This is an incredible admission, because the scholarly consensus has been (and is still) that chronic Lyme or persistent infection is pseudoscience or quackery. Search any voice of authority in American medicine or […]

Catching Up In A Nutshell!

Chamber updates for those of us who are busy getting stuff done! We’ve got a new look! Have you noticed the updated logo and visited the Chamber website lately? If not, it’s time to click-it: Red White and Blue Days! The Richfield 4th of July celebration is just around the corner and the commemorative […]

Reverse Cognitive Decline

Reverse Cognitive Decline You want to be sharper in business, feel younger, or stop the deterioration? Whether it’s simply overwhelm, an aging brain, an afflicted trauma victim, or someone with Parkinson’s or dementia and Alzheimer’s, there’s an answer. All neurodegenerative disorders are fueled by wanton inflammation ( So they all have a simple cure. Though […]

Transportation at the Capitol

Last week, both the House and Senate Transportation Committees passed omnibus transportation bills. The Senate Finance Committee will be hearing supplemental finance bills Monday afternoon (today), including the transportation bill. Met Council Chair Alene Tchourumoff is scheduled to testify. Today’s Transit at the Capitol update provides details on the hearings scheduled for this week at the Capitol, related […]