The Best Grocery Stores in Richfield

Here in Richfield, we have a wide variety of grocery stores to choose from. From larger brand name locations to small specialty grocers, Richfield offers its residents the ability to find exactly what they’re looking for. From ethnic foods, to fresh meats and produce, there are grocers in the immediate area to suit every shopper’s tastes and needs.

Around the holidays, you might pay more attention to some of the great deals going on at different grocery stores in your area. Check out the Richfield Chamber of Commerce to find the grocery store closest to you that carries what your family is looking for.

We’ve rounded up our list of the best Richfield grocery stores to help get you started on your holiday shopping list.

Grocery Stores:

ALDI – 6310 Penn Ave S
Lunds – 6228 Penn Avenue South
Rainbow Foods – 140 W 66th St
Super Target – 6445 Richfield Pkwy
Specialty Stores:
Von Hanson’s Meats – 6531 Lyndale Ave South
Cinco De Mayo Mercado – 813 E 66th St
Asian Direct Oriental Market – 607 E 77th St
To view all of the grocery stores in Richfield, check the Chamber Directory here.