The Best Mexican Food In Richfield

Craving Mexican food in Richfield? No problem! We have put together a list of the best Mexican food restaurants located right here in Richfield that you must try! Whether you are seeking traditional authentic Mexican cuisine or slightly Americanized flavors you will be sure to find exactly what you are craving.

The Best Mexican Food In RichfieldThe Best Mexican Food In RichfieldThe Best Mexican Food In Richfield

Andale Taquiera & Mercado – Is the perfect place to take a break and experience Mexico right here in Richfield. This is a restaurant serves authentic, quick-served, street style Mexican cuisine. Next door you will notice an authentic Mexican grocery store, loaded with tons of authentic goodies you must try! Want to know more about what to expect? Read our full review of Andale Taquiera & Mercado here.

El Tejaban Mexican Grill – A must try, fan favorite Mexican restaurant located across the street from the Hub shopping center, El Tejaban Grill is the perfect spot for your next family dinner or romantic date night. This authentic Mexican cuisine is sure to please as you will find it is packed full of flavor and the staff members are incredibly friendly. Not only is the food tasty, but their margaritas are a must try on your visit. Learn more about what to expect on your visit by reading our full review of El Tejaban Mexican Grill here.

Don Pablo’s Mexican Kitchen –Don Pablo’s Mexican Kitchen is the perfect choice when you are craving Mexican food that has a hint of American flavors. The menu has a ton of great options for even the pickiest of eaters while still including some unique authentic options that are sure to please! Want to learn more about their mouthwatering options? Take a look at their menu here.