Weekly Update 4.29.19


Well, the track record for the State of the Community didn’t fare so well for us, so let’s try it again with Unity in the Community! Unity in the Community is happening at Veterans Park on Sunday, May 5 from 2-5pm. This is an event that showcases the diversity of Richfield and introduces you to new experiences, cultures and networking opportunities. All community members are invited to participate. But before we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, let’s celebrate May Day by welcoming new business, Modern Audiology Richfield to the community. We will have our official welcome and ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, May 1 from 8-9am. Meet the owners and their team, learn about their services and the impact they will make in our community.

As we welcome May and all the warmth of Spring, our schools are getting ready to wrap up another successful year. Part of what makes this community successful, is our willingness to collaborate with each other and offer help when asked. Parents of the 2019 Richfield Senior High have begun planning the 50th annual Richfield graduation party.  This senior party, held at the high school, offers the graduates a safe, controlled, alcohol-free environment with an all night schedule of activities to enjoy.  Each year, senior parents work together, spending countless hours organizing the event. A theme is created with decorations that reflect the tone and nature of the theme.  The commitment of the parents and the contributions of our community have made this event a success every year. We strive to include every student so keeping the cost to a minimum is essential.  The kids are asked to pay an entrance fee of $60 dollars which includes food, entertainment, a Casino, DJ, photo booth and hypnotist and prizes.  Students requiring financial aid will be provided with free or reduced admission. Therefore, RHS needs financial support and are respectfully requesting the following donations:

Cash contributions to help defray the costs
Gift certificates (suggested amount $20)
Age appropriate items (things for college or living independently) for prizes

Please mail your donations to Tina Lavin 7024 Knox Ave S Richfield, MN 55423 or if you have items you would prefer to be picked up please contact us and arrangements can be made.
So, are you reading this and you are a participating member of our community? How about donating a gift card to the senior class- it’s a great way to get residents into your business!


Recycling Grants Available

Hennepin County has budgeted $100,000 this year to fund projects to improve commercial recycling rates and participation in the area by partnering with business-focused organizations such as yours. The purpose of this program is to use organizations to encourage businesses to take advantage of our Business Recycling resources such as recycling grants, training and signage to label bins.

Eligibility for outreach grants

  • Organizations located in and/or serving businesses in Hennepin County, such as chambers of commerce, business associations, trade associations and neighborhood associations.
  • Organizations must be registered at the Minnesota Secretary of State.
  • Organizations must be insured.



Applications are due May 17, 2019 by 4:00 PM. Applications will be accepted beyond May 17 as funds remain available.
Visit www.hennepin.us/businessrecycling under the section titled Apply for business organization outreach grants section to view the grant guidelines and application materials. Please contact Amy Maas to discuss any grant project ideas you have.  Amy Maas  (she/her), Business Recycling Specialist
Hennepin County Public Works | Environment and Energy Department
701 Fourth Avenue South, Suite 700 l  Minneapolis, MN  55415
Office: 612-348-6848  http://www.hennepin.us/businessrecycling


Weekly Update 4.9.19

The State of the Community is Thursday, and with hundreds of community members planning on attending, we want to highlight some of our Chamber businesses helping to make the event a success!


Traditionally the State of the Community has been the State of the City and local business leaders attend and hear from the Mayor and City Staff on what to expect. This year we are changing things up a bit! We are thoughtfully leading an organization that encourages members to collaborate and lift each other up. We are thoughtfully taking steps to be inclusive and welcoming to all. In collaboration with Mayor Regan Gonzalez, we have decided to host an event that highlights all the areas that make this community thrive. Did you know that in addition to our public schools, Richfield is home to private and charter schools and that together, they make for excellent education choices for every family. Did you know, that the business community is growing and with that growth we want to plan and welcome businesses that serve our residents and all who pass through this community to the best of our ability. Did you know that with our schools and our business community Richfield hosts an incredibly generous non-profit community. Our goal is to help connect each resource within Richfield to others that will help them thrive in their space.

Join us on Thursday night to meet others who want to share in the success of this community. When you join us on Thursday, introduce yourself to the businesses who are sponsoring this event. Take a minute to stop by their table and learn about their services.

Sponsoring businesses for the State of the Community are:

Team Stockwell/ ReMax Results
Ashkan Movari- State Farm Insurance
Minnesota Independence Community and College
Commuter Services
The Aaron Lissarrague Agency
Richfield Dentistry

We look forward to hosting a robust crowd of all our community members. Residents, businesses and city officials will be in attendance. We welcome all to join us and look forward to connecting with each of you to hear how you can help us create a thriving community.

Weekly Update 4.3.19


What does it mean to be a Chamber member?

Business, is your business evolving at a rate you planned for? Are you feeling nostalgic for the way things used to be, but you know you have to innovate in order to stay relevant. How do you innovate when you are just trying to keep your employees engaged, keep your head above water, navigate social media, learn the new tax laws, whatever your current predicament may be.
As a Chamber President, I have access to hundreds of different companies and learn little snap shots about how each one works and what they are working towards. I try to share best practices, and remind business leaders of the network of innovative thinkers they are already connected to. But what does that really mean? How do you hustle everyday to move the needle when you are limited by your resources? Maybe you got into the healthcare business because you really wanted to help people, but now find out that you in fact need to be an expert at social media and pay-per-click and human resources. I bet some days it all feels overwhelming. Let me say this, you are a rockstar. If you don’t read any further, know that you are amazing just for getting this far! You don’t have to have all the answers, you don’t have to be an expert at all the other stuff. In order to be successful, innovative business leaders you need to be authentic in where you began. What you need, and what you have joined, is a powerful network of like-minded individuals that want to see you succeed.

The Chamber, the Richfield Chamber, is full of forward thinking, innovative experts in their field that want nothing more than to share their knowledge, share their best practices and collaborate with you on how to succeed. Maybe you’re in the same industry, maybe you’re not. Most businesses face universal processes. Our Chamber, your Chamber, is here is help you leverage all that knowledge.

At our last Board of Directors meeting, we discussed how we are telling our story. I had to think about that. It seems like an easy concept. If I asked you today, what is the Chamber story? Or, more even what is your story, would you be able to share it? Would your employees be able to share your company story? Would your clients be able to share your company story? Stories are powerful and they create authentic connections between you and your audience. Authentic connections are how you grow your network, how you increase your visibility and your share of the marketplace.
At the Richfield Chamber, you are part of an authentic network that wants to see you succeed. Your peers want to share their best practices. They want to save you mistakes they have made along the way. So, our story, the Richfield Chamber story, is this. You are part of a group of like minded individuals who want to see business in our community thrive. You are part of an organization that is interested in connecting, sharing knowledge and creating positive impact. Whether you are in your first year of business or your 40th, your insight is extremely valuable to your peers. Whether it’s seasoned knowledge, or a fresh take on an old problem, you have incredible value.

So let me ask you this, who are you sharing your knowledge with? Who are you connecting to? When was the last time you leveraged the power of the Chamber to help create a positive impact? The story of the Richfield Chamber is that it is here to help you make those connections. It is here to help you grow and thrive and what it asks of you is to participate. Participate in seeking out other Chamber members to do business with, offer advice to, give back to the community, tap into a wealth of knowledge that is just waiting to have someone to share it with. Here, at the Richfield Chamber, we are part of a community that is invested in the success of everyone. Our success, is your success. Everyone has value. There is plenty of business to go around and you are here to be a part of creating a prosperous business environment.

How can you do that? Reach out, send me an email. Let me know what your strengths are and who you want to connect with. Let me know what clientele you are looking to expand. Come to the next coffee meeting. Show up. Invest in the power of a one-on-one connection. The possibilities of where this Chamber community can take you are endless and I ask you, what are you willing to do to take your business to the next level?


Weekly Update 3.27.19



WRAP-UP of 66th ST.

As we wrap up the major construction on 66th street, the following minor activities will occur in some locations along 66th Street between Humboldt and Portland avenues in 2019:

  • Permanent sidewalk installation
  • Placing and grading topsoil in boulevards and yards
  • Temporary and permanent seeding boulevards and yards
  • Permanent striping and paving
  • Landscaping (led by the City of Richfield)




To improve the pavement conditions, replace deteriorating sidewalks, and upgrade aging underground utilities while improving operational safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. Additionally, the project will focus on an increased livability of the corridor through enhanced aesthetics, landscaping amenities, transit facilities, and traffic calming measures.Through the public involvement process and combined with the City of Richfield’s Guiding Principles, staff identified a widely held perception of the current Lyndale corridor: Safety and comfort for pedestrians, transit users, bicyclists, and drivers is compromised and users are not satisfied with the way the existing road operates.The city’s goal with the Lyndale reconstruction is to address safety and comfort in design through reduced vehicle speeds along the corridor and by reallocating space to accommodate walking, bicycling, transit, parking, snow storage, and green space while maintaining adequate traffic capacity for motor vehicles.The approximate limits of the project are 66th Street to 76th Street.



To improve the pavement conditions, replace deteriorating sidewalks, and upgrade aging underground utilities while improving operational safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.The original scope of the 65th Street Reconstruction Project was 66th St/Rae Drive to Nicollet Avenue. It was determined through pavement and utility condition assessments that this project could be delayed until 2021; however, potential redevelopment (The HUB) along the segment from Grand Avenue to Nicollet Avenue will necessitate road and utility reconstruction in 2020. Therefore, the project has been divided into two smaller projects: 

  • Phase 1- Nicollet Avenue to Grand Avenue
  • Phase 2- Grand Avenue to Rae Drive/66th Street

The scope of the project also includes an examination of pedestrian crossings along Nicollet Avenue for potential improvements as part of the planned 2020 mill and overlay of the roadway by Hennepin County. There will be an open house on March 28 at Richfield Municipal Center to present the layout alternatives created with the feedback received from the public at open house #1. This meeting will also provided the opportunity for the public to comment on design alternatives and provide more feedback.


For up to date information on all road projects in Richfield, please visit the Sweet Streets website. https://www.richfieldsweetstreets.org/

Weekly Update 3.20.19


Leadership is Everything

This is a very special time in our community. The buzz around town lately is Richfield is the Best Place to Live- but, we already knew that. It seems our urban hometown is starting to get noticed by our regional friends. Well, we are about to get a lot more attention. Mayor Regan Gonzalez has just been announced as a 2019 Bush Fellow. Mayor Regan Gonzalez believes that collaborative leadership creates room for more voices in decision making. As the first Latina mayor in Minnesota, she understands that bridging across difference is essential for the next generation of leaders. She will be identifying ways for Richfield to serve as a laboratory for how to build opportunity for all in the midst of widening disparities. So, let’s congratulate her and choose to be a part of building opportunity. Let’s help her set the bar high. Join us on April 11 for a very special State of the Community Event. Everyone is welcome and we will be identifying ways to collaborate together because we know, when we work together, we all succeed!

Around town, other initiatives local leaders are working on is the METRO D Line. This line will dramatically improve transit for the community. It travels primarily along Chicago Avenue and Fremont Avenue, through Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis and Richfield, to Bloomington. Bus rapid transit (BRT) brings improvements that add up to faster bus trips and  and a more comfortable experience on Metro Transit’s busiest routes. Route 5 on Chicago and Fremont is the Twin Cities’ busiest bus route, carrying about 16,000 customers each weekday. During rush hours, Route 5 buses make up less than 2 percent of vehicle traffic but carry more than 20 percent of people traveling through the corridor. The D Line is projected to be about 20 percent faster than Route 5. By 2030, the D Line is expected to provide a convenient and comfortable ride to over 23,000 daily transit customers. For more information one BRT and what it means for our community, visit the metro transit website here.

One way you can give back this month is to donate to the Richfield STEM School Vendor Fair. The Vendor Fair and Silent Auction event goal is to raise funds to exclusively fulfill requests for our specialist classrooms. These specialist classrooms to our students include Art, Music, Computer Lab and Physical Education.  The classrooms are in need of several basic supplies. With any additional funds, our teachers have the freedom to add modest wish lists items and fantastic curriculum ideas for growth in their lesson plans.  Providing funding and supplies to these programs will enrich the classrooms for over 750 students who attend our school. Please consider making a donation for our Silent Auction fund raiser. Donations STEM is in need of:

  • Merchandise items
  • Gift baskets
  • Gift certificates/vouchers /tickets
  • Monetary donations, we will immediately disburse to the specialist classrooms

For information on how to donate, please contact Emily Holey at emilyholey@gmail.com


Member Announcements:

  • Attention Richfield restaurants! The Richfield Tourism Promotion Board is offering a free advertising opportunity for restaurants and other tourism-related organizations in Richfield! Please contact Katy Epler, Visit Richfield Director, at katy.epler@visitrichfield.com, or 612-558-1671, for more information.
  • Don’t miss the ANNUAL WELLNESS EXPO!  A free community event for all ages. Saturday, April 13th at Richfield High School, 9am-12pm. Exhibitor applications are now being accepted. For information, please contact Carol McNaughton-Commers, c.mcnaughton-commers@rpsmn.org
  • Learn how to give back to Richfield Public Schools! – Read More

Fun Fact: Joining your local chamber can positively affect other organizations’ perceptions of your business, and also the views of consumers. Statistics show that 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business that is a chamber of commerce member, and 44% are likely to view those businesses more favorably (Source: American Business Magazine).


Is there a topic you are interested in? Chances are there is a group or program within our community working on it. Check-in with the Chamber and we will help connect you to the resources you need. The Richfield Chamber’s mission is to connect businesses for a prosperous community. If you are interested in being a part of that, reach out and get involved today, we’d love to have you!

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