Build Your Network with the Chamber Community Connections

I wanted to take a moment to reflect with all of you on why I have started the Community Connections email. It has been my goal in our Chamber email communications to inform you of what’s happening at the Chamber as well as who is part of our Chamber community. Each week since January, I have been introducing you to members of our Richfield Chamber; whether it is an individual person or company, these emails are a quick glimpse into the people that make up your Chamber.

It’s an ice breaker for you, the Chamber member, to use to reach out. In order to build relationships, it is important to raise your “know” factor, your “like” factor and your “trust” factor with the people from your network. Part of your ROI with Chamber membership is access to a referral network. How do you build a referral network? Building a referral network takes more than just handing someone your business card; it takes time and energy. Once you are part of an organization, it takes effort to show up and get to know someone. Sometimes, our work schedules don’t accommodate our networking schedules.  However, like we talked about in the Weekly Update, it is just as important to work ON your business as it is to work IN your business. Our Community Connections emails are part of that effort and they are something you can use on your own time.

They give you an insight to the “know factor.” They provide some insight into the person behind the familiar company name. Once you get to know someone, that’s when the “like factor” comes in. We all want to do business with people we like. 100% of the time, we will make a referral based on if we like someone. Once we “know” someone and “like” someone, we start to “trust” them. How important is the “trust factor” in business? Well, it is probably the most important quality we can convey to our clients. We need our clients to trust our opinions. We are the experts in our respective fields and the more our client’s trust us, the more they will do business with us and refer others to do business with us as well. Once you have established that, your network will expand exponentially. And just think, it can all start here at the Chamber! So, if you glossed through the first Community Connection emails, I invited you to take a moment, click here and get to know someone. If there is not a meeting coming up, reach out on your own. Send a quick email saying hello. Use the information in our Community Connections email as an ice breaker. Building your network starts with you!