Business Leader of the Year Recipients

Richfield Circle of Excellence Business Leader of the Year Recipients


Each year since 1969, the Richfield Chamber of Commerce has presented a special award that recognizes outstanding service to the Chamber and the community. The Larry Farrington Award was initiated by the Richfield Chamber of Commerce to memorialize Larry Farrington and is intended to keep alive the memory of a very unusual individual, one who contributed in extraordinary ways to the Chamber, to the community and to his family. But the Award is also intended to keep alive the type of idealism in personal and community relationships which Larry Farrington demonstrated right up to the day of his untimely death in 1968. This idealism means working consistently not just for what is most profitable or most expedient, but for what is best in the long term for individuals and the community – for compassion in human relationships, for understanding, for education, for integrity and truth.
The concept of the Larry Farrington Award is to perpetuate among Richfield Chamber of Commerce members a determination that our world is not just a profit-and-loss statement in which each person’s life is dedicated to surpassing others, but a world in which all of us are dependent upon each other to produce the best that is within us. This award is now recognize as the Business Leader of the Year.

The recipient is recognized at the Richfield Circle of Excellence Event.

Award Recipients

1968 Monroe Stenerson

1969 Charles Little
1970 Carl McBride
1971 Ted Farrington
1972 Leif Holter
1973 Bob & Ardie Lien

1974 Robert Tait
1975 Ollie Blaylock
1976 Robert Cornell
1977 Ralph Bruins
1978 Elaine Bruggeman

1979 George Karnas
1980 William Kirchner

1981 Bob & Merilyn Jensen

1982 Lloyd Olsen
1983 Tom Price
1984 Al Duggan
1985 Don Anderson
1986 Chet Eggen
1987 John Hamilton
1988 Peter Orins
1989 Howard Bunce
1990 John P. (Pat) Rickert

1991 Bill Fillmore
1992 Marty Chorzempa
1993 Bob Gunderson
1994 Bill Snyder
1995 Larry Zielke
1996 Steve Lindgren
1997 Earl Schaefer
1998 John Bjostad
1999 Patti Sterbuck
2000 Steve Kirchner
2001 Cathy Sulla
2002 Marv Bjugan
2003 Peggy Hamilton
2004 Dr. Russ Susag
2005 Bob Houlton
2006 Annette Johnson
2007 Ernie Lindstrom
2008 Steven Larson
2009 Pat Brekken
2010 Tim Carter
2011 Jim Melssen, Dr. Nick Mell um

2012 Jennifer Bornholdt
2013 Mike Elliott
2014 Sue and Mike Sandahl

2015 Anne Schultz

2016 Brad Beard

2017 Gordon Vizecky

2018 Steve Schneeberger

Steve Schneeberger, Business Leader of the Year 2018