Business leader of the Year- there’s 2!

As you know, we have expanded our annual Salute to Small Business Awards ceremony to honor multiple businesses and non-profits across our community. We will be celebrating all our award winners at our inaugural Richfield Circle of Excellence Awards Ceremony on February 21 at the Best Buy corporate campus; Did you register yet?

We are excited to announce our recipients for our Business Leader of the Year. The Richfield Chamber of Commerce established a special award in 1969 which we present to the individual that achieves outstanding service to the Chamber and the community. The Award is intended to keep alive the memory of Larry Farrington, a member in the 60’s who contributed in extraordinary ways to the Chamber, the community and to his family. The Business Leader of the Year Award is awarded to the person who exemplifies the type of idealism in personal and community relationships which Larry Farrington demonstrated right up to the day of his untimely death in 1968. This idealism means working consistently not just for what is most profitable or most expedient, but for what is best in the long term for individuals and the community – for compassion in human relationships, for understanding, for education, for integrity and truth. The concept of the Larry Farrington Award is to perpetuate among Richfield Chamber of Commerce members a determination that our world is not just a profit-and-loss statement in which each person’s life is dedicated to surpassing others, but a world in which all of us are dependent upon each other to produce the best that is within us.

We are honored to award 2 distinguished Chamber members with this award. The first recipient is Brad Beard, Regional President of Fairview Health Services. Mr. Beard has demonstrated bold leadership in being an advocate for state of the art medical services made available for our community members. He has created a culture, within Fairview, of giving back to the communities it serves. He is truly a person who “leads by example.”

We are also honored to award Gordon Vizecky, Senior Director Business & Legal Affairs for Best Buy, the Business Leader of the Year Award. Mr. Vizecky has created a culture of service to his community. As a member of the Best Buy Counsel for the last 18 years, he also has served on the Chamber Board of Directors and served on the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission during that time. Vizecky lives in Richfield with his family and is an advocate for championing development that is good for the City and business community.

Please join us on February 21st in honoring these distinguished members of our Chamber!