Business Leader’s Roundtable

The Richfield Chamber’s Business Leader’s Roundtable provides fellow business members with a forum in which they can develop successful business strategies, engage a sounding board, and hear new tactical ideas. The group promotes an open exchange of ideas through group discussion and individual expert presentations.

If you would like to be part of the Business Leader’s Roundtable discussion, please visit the Chamber calendar and register for our One More Customer meeting.


One More Customer is a monthly meeting where business leaders discuss best practices and brainstorm ideas on a current business related topic. This meeting is open to members and their guests in order to promote a healthy, open dialog on how we can help each other succeed. The meeting is lead by our Legal Shield Team. If you are a member, please register for the next meeting. If you are a guest, and would like to attend our next meeting, please contact the Chamber and we will issue you a guest pass. We strive to create an open and supportive environment. We believe there is an abundance of business to be shared and encourage our members to collaborate on best practices.

Connecting Business for a Prosperous Community