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8.8.18 Chamber Update!

Welcome to the Chamber update!  The Chamber has had an amazing year, and that is because of fantastic contributions from our members. We are excited to announce that we are growing and have just hired Heather Lenke to oversee our Sales and Marketing Department. Heather comes to us with extensive knowledge on our Richfield community, how […]

Wellness Update: Anthropometry and Muscle Action: Why Everyone Is Wrong About Exercise Form and Technique

Pick an exercise. Pick an expert. Wrong. Every time. Every piece of advice about good form is wrong for someone or even most people. There are two very simple categorical reasons: anthropometry and muscle action. Anthropometry is the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body. No two skeletons are exactly the […]

July Chamber Update

It’s July and time for a Chamber Update. We recently celebrated the 4th of July with Richfield’s Red White and Blue Days Celebration. The 4th of July Volunteer Committee has been coordinating the event for 39 years. This year, they added a wreath laying at Veterans Memorial sponsored by the Morris Nilsen Funeral Home and […]

Wellness Update: Quacks Were Right – Scientific Consensus Was Wrong

According to recent research funded by the NIH itself, Lyme disease is never necessarily cured by any duration of antibiotic treatment: This is an incredible admission, because the scholarly consensus has been (and is still) that chronic Lyme or persistent infection is pseudoscience or quackery. Search any voice of authority in American medicine or […]

Catching Up In A Nutshell!

Chamber updates for those of us who are busy getting stuff done! We’ve got a new look! Have you noticed the updated logo and visited the Chamber website lately? If not, it’s time to click-it: Red White and Blue Days! The Richfield 4th of July celebration is just around the corner and the commemorative […]