Community Connections: Becky Strom

Welcome again to Community Connections where each week we like to highlight a member of our Chamber! This week it is my pleasure to introduce you to Becky Strom. Becky is the owner of Posters on Board with her husband Steve. Posters on Board is celebrating 30 years of business; Becky and Steve took over the family business 4 years ago. Her favorite part about running the business is working with clients to help them discover their best framing options within their budget.

Becky commutes to work most mornings on her bike and when she gets to the store, she hardly has time to sit because as soon as customers come in, she is on her feet helping them! Becky is actively involved in the community and the Chamber- I think I have seen her at every event we’ve had this year! I recently ran into her at City Hall because she was working with the Richfield Historical Society on freshening up their photo display.

While she is constantly on the go, Becky does make some time for fun. Her last vacation was to Oklahoma for her daughter’s basic training graduation. She also loves to hop in the car and drive to the North Shore, or her cabin in Door County, Wisconsin. Someday, she will hop a plane to Sweden to visit relatives!