Community Connections: Daniel Randolph

Welcome to Community Connections! As our Chamber members send me their bios, there is a recurring “commute to work on your bike” theme that keeps coming up. This week, it is my pleasure to introduce you to another member who, when he gets to work, has to change out of his bike shoes. Introducing Dan Randolph of Minnesota Interactive. Dan has owned Minnesota Interactive for over 7 years. Minnesota Interactive is an eMarketing and Search Solutions company that can help you maximize your web presence. The most rewarding part of Dan’s day is sitting down with his clients to show them how their eMarketing strategies are paying off.

When he’s not at his desk, strategizing new, effective ways to promote your company, he’s usually out biking on a trail. Someday, he will travel to France to watch the tour, and I bet if there wasn’t an ocean in his way, he’d find a way to bike there! In addition to owning Minnesota Interactive, Dan and his wife Nancy, also volunteer for the 4th of July Committee. He is a Richfield resident and loves giving back to one of the biggest events in our city (and I bet he bikes to his volunteer station too)!

If you’re thinking about increasing your company’s web presence, reach out to Dan and ask him how Minnesota Interactive can help!