Community Connections Features: A1 Travel

Well it’s February and that means we are all ready to jet off to warm weather destinations! This week I have the perfect team to help you achieve that goal! I’d like to introduce you to Sandy and Mark, the owners of A-1 Travel! Sandy and Mark have owned A-1 travel for over 10 years now and the best part of their business is two-fold: having such fun employees, and helping their clients. They work with both leisure and corporate travelers, and they enjoy hearing details about their travels when they get back home. Sandy and Mark find it rewarding to know that the team at A-1 Travel had a part in creating that experience for them.

Sandy’s absolute favorite place to travel is the Hawaiian islands. March is whale-watching season there, so while the islands are beautiful and have plenty to do all year round, March the best time to see these incredible sea creatures. They have an amazing group at A1 Travel, and Sandy describes it as “an incredibly fun work environment.” Mark wears a lot of hats. While he doesn’t actually plan travel, he handles all of the business aspects from accounting to putting together the email newsletter! He also provides daily entertainment. Whether he’s spilling coffee on his desk or giving the rest of the team a hard time, he’s sort of the office clown! In addition to Sandy and Mark, there are three other agents, all with different travel specialties and fun personalities, who work in the office.

Monique always has a smile on her face and loves getting to know her clients as she works with them, and that’s a really valuable trait. She plans trips to many destinations, but is especially knowledgeable about some more exotic spots. Want to go on an African safari? She’s the one to talk to.

Paige is usually the first person in the office to get the rest of the team to laugh. She’s got a sharp sense of humor! And she’s our destination weddings expert, helping brides say “I do” all over the world, and taking care of their guests’ travel details. In the meantime, she’s planning her own wedding, coming up this summer!

In fact, weddings seem to be a theme in the office. Their newest agent, Maureen, just got married a few weeks ago, and the whole office was there! When she’s not analyzing the past weekend’s football or hockey games with Mark, she’s helping her clients take family trips to Disney World or adventures in Europe.

If this doesn’t sound like an amazing place to work and wonderful people to do business with, their informal company motto is:

“Fridays are for fun!” They take turns bringing in snacks for the weekly Friday office happy hour. Sometimes they order junk food, other weeks they bring in fancy charcuterie and cheese spreads. Every happy hour is different, but it’s all good, and it’s the perfect way to unwind at the end of the week. Sometimes their clients and friends will stop by and join in on the festivities! I think I know where I am stopping on my way home Friday! I can enjoy happy hour and plan my next vacation- I’m thinking something tropical!