Community Connections Features: Gregory Worthen of RBCU

This week we would like to introduce you to the new CEO of Richfield Bloomington Credit Union, Gregory Worthen.  Greg grew up in Alton, IL, just north of St. Louis, where his first job in the banking industry was as a temporary part-time teller one summer for a large bank. He thought it would be good to escape the heat of the Illinois summer. After college, his first full-time job was a branch manager of a small town bank. The bank had 2 employees and himself. He said the yard in front of the office was so small that he mowed it every week in his suit because it wasn’t big enough to hire anyone for. 22 years later, he is still in the financial world and now with RBCU.

Greg starts his day about 8am with a cup of coffee- nothing happens until he has his morning coffee! Once the coffee is poured he can start reviewing the excessive number of emails he has received from the night before. (I’m pretty sure the Chamber emails are opened first though!)

His wife Julie and his two boys, Jonathan and Garrison are his world and their pictures were the first thing he put on his desk at his new office, along with his coffee mug. I didn’t ask in which order, but of course the family photos were most likely first! Also, let’s all make a mental note to bring a cup of coffee with when we visit him at the office.

With 22 years in the banking industry, I asked him what is it that keeps his attention in this field. Simply put, he is a people person. Greg said, “There is nothing like helping someone out with the purchase of a new car or house. Helping members save money for their future and accomplish financial goals keeps my attention. That makes me feel good about my job and drives me forward.” I think we can all agree that making community connections keeps us all moving forward together. Welcome to the Richfield Community Mr. Worthen! We are happy to have you and look forward to developing a great collaboration- and coffee, we will always have coffee!