Community Connections Features: Minnesota Life College

Welcome to this weeks Community Connections!

Did you know, 1 in 68 children has an autism spectrum disorder? Autism spectrum disorder is not only a childhood challenge; all of these children will grow into adults. Our friends at Minnesota Life College help individuals discover their strengths, identify their challenges, and develop strategies for living successfully on their own after graduation. The MLC community understands the many nuances of being able to find, secure, and maintain meaningful employment, and their programs are designed to provide students with real work experiences. MLC provides students with continued practice in their training internships to help them develop the skills and tools necessary to live independent and meaningful lives.

MLC’s curriculum and teaching strategies fill a learning gap that prevents successful employment and independent living for so many adults. They impart their core competencies—independent living skills, employment readiness and placement, and social integration and peer support—with three interconnected program components and a holistic approach.

MLC fills a void that government services currently do not address. MLC can keep many of those individuals safely integrated in their social communities and help them advocate for themselves and seek support when they need it. They refer to this as their “superpower!” MLC’s programs are effective in our community because they enable their students and graduates to develop the tools needed to grow the dependable and supportive friendships and relationships that many of us take for granted. Their programs are most effective when the students and graduates use the skills they have developed to help each other through life. Tuition and fees only cover 80% of the cost of MLC’s programming, and they raise the remaining 20% as a community. Contributions to MLC at their gala help to improve their innovative services and provide access to them through financial aid programs like grants and scholarships. By attending the gala, you can open the door to those important relationships for these students and members.