Community Connections Features: The Richfield Historical Society

Welcome again to this weeks Community Connections! The Richfield Historical Society’s mission is: to acquire, document and preserve the unique story of Richfield, Minnesota. In addition, they aim to inspire a sense of place and history through the details of our past. I recently sat down with Alyssa Swanson, the new Director at the Richfield Historical Society and learned of their plans for 2017 and beyond. Alyssa is busy reaching out to businesses and residents to gather knowledge on the history of Richfield and specifically how the business landscape has developed over time. If you know a little something about our city’s history, please reach out to her and share your knowledge!

While visiting, Alyssa gave me a personal tour of the Bartholomew House.  Riley Bartholomew came to Richfield in 1852 and set up camp on the banks of Wood Lake. Shortly after, he built a simple house a short distance away, which still stands to this day! While on the tour, Alyssa mentioned that a few years ago, a Bartholomew descendant came back to the property to bury the ashes of a family member there! So when you’re in the house, and you feel a cool breeze or someone tugging on your sleeve, it might just be the ghost of Great Grandma Bartholomew wanting you to keep her house clean! View more pictures here.

Alyssa is busy reaching out to our Richfield schools to generate interest in school sponsored field trips.  If you would like to learn more about the Historical society, sign up to attend their annual meeting which will be held on Saturday, March 25 from 6 – 9pm Gramercy Park Cooperative in Richfield.