Community Connections: Mary Christenson

Welcome again to Community Connections where each week we like to highlight a member of our Chamber! This week it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mary Christenson! Mary is not only a resident of Richfield, she is also a member of The Lions Club and Secretary of the Optimist Club. Her favorite thing to do is help people. In whatever capacity presents itself, Mary is always there with a smile and a helping hand.

Mary delivers Meals on Wheels and also volunteers her time taking care of the gardens at her church. When she is not busy volunteering, Mary is working on her writing. Her dream is to write a novel someday; although she will admit, starting is the hardest part.

The last vacation she took was to Texas for a family wedding and someday, she hopes to travel to London! Mary enjoys lots of things, but what she would most enjoy, would be to connect with you! So when you see her around town, most likely as a volunteer, make sure to stop and say hello and ask her if she’s started her novel yet!