Being a Connector

Be A ConnectorOne of the most rewarding aspects of running a Chamber is making connections – not my own, but connecting people to one another. Networking is one thing, but being a connector is different – connectors are people in a community who know a lot of people and who make introductions – the social equivalent of a computer network hub. 

Think of the Chamber as a super-connector because we are dedicated to building community and economic prosperity in Richfield by promoting and representing business. We do this by:

  • Connecting with the business community to identify challenges, explore opportunities and create innovative solutions
  • Connecting businesses with one another by hosting networking events in both large and small group settings
  • Connecting businesses to resources that spur their development and enhance their bottom line
  • Connecting the business community to city staff, local government and schools, which creates a collaborative business environment
  • Connecting Richfield with the world and promote local business by maintaining a robust website and mobile app
  • Connecting business to affordable marketing and advertising opportunities via print, email and website

Interested in learning more about becoming a connector? Checkout this great article “Forget Networking. How to Be a Connector.