Don’t Recreate the Wheel

I hate recreating the wheel – it’s not efficient and it certainly isn’t a good use of time. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to networking with my peers. I leave most peer meetings/conferences with a take-away or “nugget” of information that I can use in my day-to-day work that will ultimately benefit the Chamber. An even better “high” for me is if I can give something back to a colleague; man, I love that!

Today I met with Barbara Tuccitto Warren – President of the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce. Holy experience, Batman! Barb’s a veteran Chamber Exec and a wealth of information – she was very generous with her time, too! Over the course of our two hour conversation, she shared a lot of great information with me about Chamber governance and offered an opportunity for us to meet again. I am so grateful for her generosity AND follow up – the next day I receive an email from her with a TON of great sample documents from which the Richfield Chamber can benefit while NOT recreating the wheel; I only hope I can help her someday as much as she helped me!

Don’t just take my word on the importance of peer networking – checkout this great article from Forbes Magazine on the topic – “Simply stated, today’s leaders and young professionals who ignore peer networks ‒ which can make us smarter, more engaged, and better connected ‒ do so at their own risk.”