Farmer’s Market

Be sure to check out your local Richfield Farmers Market. The farmers market runs annually from May to late October fully stocked with the freshest locally grown produce. Not only will you find a huge selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables during the summer months, but the Richfield Farmers Market also changes their products up to match the season. In the fall season you will be able to find everything from pumpkins to gourds for decorating and baking for the fall season.

The Richfield Farmers Market should be your number one stop because of a number of reasons, including:

  • Convenient location at Veterans Park
  • Tasty local produce
  • Beautiful seasonal flowers
  • A great weekend activity
  • And much more!

Visit The Richfield Farmers Market

Support your local economy and small business owners by always making every effort to buy locally! There is nothing better than fresh and locally grown produce, which is only available for a very limited time in Minnesota. Be sure that you get out to the Richfield Farmers Market before our short produce season is over. Whether you are looking for tasty eats or seasonal flowers we have got you covered. Get the most delicious local produce from your local farmers market, fruits and vegetables so fresh you will not be able to help, but say “yum”. While you are at it take home some beautiful plants to spruce up your home or garden.