Chamber Members Join Forces in Marketing Efforts

Welcome Chamber Members! Through first quarter, my primary focus has been “How do I help my members succeed and find value in the Chamber?” Part of your ROI for Chamber membership is making connections. I am here to help facilitate that. I have been connecting Chamber members in complimentary fields and they have been able to partner in some unique marketing ways. Through those meetings, I have been advised of an email marketing plan these members have been finding success with. Chamber members have been partnering with companies, in a complimentary industry, and offering a small promotion (think, free oil change, or $50 gift card). The promotion targets very specific people who want to use your products or services. Through these pairings, Chamber members have been able to add thousands of new names to their email marketing lists. These names are people who are interested in your company. I am talking about a marketing plan that is low-cost and low-risk.

How many times have you thrown something at the wall, only to see it not stick? How many times has a marketing campaign been out of reach because of budget? Part of what I love about leading this Chamber is the access to so many different companies. I have found that, one conversation with a Chamber member, can lead to new connections and opportunities for other Chamber members. I understand how taxing it is to run a company; how you have to juggle a thousand different things. I think part of my strength is that I have been in your shoes. I have been the Chamber member wanting to make connections to other companies, and industries but not really knowing how. I have been that entrepreneur that has to juggle the marketing, accounting and staffing budgets. I believe this email marketing strategy is attainable for every one of you. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, contact me and I will start making connections for you!