Keep the Talent You Have

I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful conference last week on workforce development. One of the topics covered was keeping the talent you have and the struggle with employee turnover. Most companies are going to experience some level of employee flux, but how do we keep our company below industry norms?

Last week we discussed Leadership qualities. Did you take a moment and do some introspection of the type of leader you are to your employees? It was discussed at the conference that one of the biggest reasons people leave a company is because of lack of leadership. Often times, people quit their supervisor, not their company.

If you experience high turnover, it might be time to invest in people-centered management. At their core, people want to feel valued and it is the responsibility of leadership to create a clear connection at every employee level between themselves and the company’s mission. People will stay with a company if they believe in the mission and are made to feel a part of it.

What is your company’s mission? Is it clearly defined? Do you create opportunities for each employee to feel a part of that mission? In doing so, is your company earning the reputation of a “great place to work?” There is always going to be a company that offers higher pay, more employee perks, flexibility in schedules or some other benefit, so don’t compete with that. Do the best that you can for your employees, but create a culture of purpose. Set clearly defined roles at every employee level and challenge them to work “with” each other to achieve the common goal. Actively engaged employees that feel valued, will increase your company’s productivity while building the reputation of being a “Great Place to Work!”