Spring is definitely here! Each day, the weather keeps getting a little better and as we take in all that Spring offers, have you ever wondered, Am I getting better each day too?

As creatures of habit, most mornings we have the same routine. Today, during my routine, I came across a question one of my friends had posted, “What will you do today to make someone’s day better?”  That question has stayed with me and I thought I would bring it to all of you, in our Weekly Update. With the Chamber being full of business owners and business leaders, I keep thinking of this in terms of leadership.

How will you, as the leader or representative of your company, make someone’s day better? Will you focus on your employee relationships? Will it be in terms of serving your customers differently today? Or maybe it will be as a patron yourself, when you’re making that bank deposit or ordering your espresso. What does our leadership style say about us? How do we effectively get the best out of the people around us? Are you the type of leader who has people working “for” you? Or are you the type of leader who has people working “with” you? Often times we find that the type of leadership is reflected in company moral. Does your company struggle with moral? Or are you a shining example of a leader who works “with” those around you?

I would like to challenge you to spend some time this week thinking about your leadership style and how you want that reflected in your company. How do we lead to create an environment of achievement, in those around us? Let’s start a conversation within our Chamber community of successes and how to cultivate a positive leadership style.