Maximize Your Membership!

Greetings from the Chamber! I would like to continue our conversation of member engagement and maximizing your Chamber membership. I spoke with many members last week about how to stay active, how to get involved, and just what to do once you have joined. First off, let us all just acknowledge how much time and energy it takes to run a business. Whether you have a staff of 20 or you are a one-person show, it’s all about focus. Plan some time to focus on the tasks that help your business grow. I want your business to succeed because when you do well, our community does well and that is something we all want to be a part of!

How do you do well and how can the Chamber help you? The first thing I always say to people is, “It is just as important to work ON your business, as it is IN your business!” Working ON your business means promoting yourself, your company, meeting new people, following up on critical leads, taking a chance on a new idea. Working ON your business means networking. Come to a member meeting and meet someone new. Use your member list to call on people in your industry to learn from each other. Use your Chamber president to help market your company to the community. It is so easy to let each day get away from you when there is a business to run, from everything to making sure you are fully staffed, to ordering office supplies and making key decisions. These are all essential day to day tasks; but these are things you do that work IN your business. If you want your business to grow and flourish, then we need to work ON your business. I’m here to help you work ON your business. Reach out today and we can discuss what makes the most sense for your company. Together we can develop a plan to work ON your business.