Richfield Professional Women (RPW)

WomenNetworkingRichfield Professional Women (RPW) is a networking group designed to connect the Richfield Chamber’s female members to one another. The lunch meeting was hosted by Minnesota Life College and the topic was “Assertiveness 101: Eat your soup hot!”

Luisa Gerasimo, Director of Development at Minnesota Life College used real life (and funny) examples of the ways we mess things up for ourselves and others while trying so hard to be nice. Attendees enjoyed lunch, networked with one another and after this short interactive “soup” session, agreed that it will be easier to identify the moments we may slip from assertive to passive or aggressive in daily life.

RPW plans to meet 6 times per year – dates, times and venues will vary as each member volunteers to plan a meeting. Events have been planned through the end of 2014; learn more about RPW here.