Becky Strom

Owner of Posters On Board

Tell me a little about you: where are you from?
I grew up on Minnesota’s beautiful North Shore, in Grand Marais.  I met my husband, Steve, in his hometown of Duluth.  Eventually, his jobs with the Air Nat’l Guard & TV news brought us to Richfield. We raised two daughters, who graduated from RHS, and are now in college.


Please describe what company you are with, your job title, and what you do for this company.
Posters On Board’s unique Wood Mounting has been a very popular and economical framing alternative for over 30 years.  Additionally, we offer traditional custom framing and a wide selection of posters.  My husband and I bought POB in 2013 from my father-in-law and his business partner, when they were ready to retire.  I was ready for a career change and wanted to add Custom Sewn Home Decor to the services at POB.


What inspired you to join the Chamber? How has your experience been with the chamber?
The company continues to reach a broader customer base than in earlier years.  Joining the Richfield Chamber of Commerce has given us the opportunity to network with other businesses and get to know more people in the community.


What do you do when you are not at
We love spending time at our cabin, where our dogs can roam free.  I love cooking & baking and usually have multiple sewing projects in progress.