Lin Shurtleff

Owner Common Cents Bookkeeping Services Incorporated (CCBSI)

Tell me a little about you: where are you from? 
I grew up on a dairy farm in central Minnesota, approximately 20 miles north of Sauk Centre. I helped my parents on the family farm until I was 20, when I got married. I then moved to Washington, D.C. for 3 years where my husband, who was in the U.S. Navy, was stationed. When it came time for him to transfer (spring of 2000), an opening was available at the Reserve Center near the airport here in Minneapolis. We quickly spoke for that spot so I could be closer to my family. In the one week of house hunting leave we had a couple months prior to our move, we happened to find this cute little house in Richfield. We weren’t that familiar with the area, but we liked the hometown feel Richfield offered and have loved becoming a part of Richfield’s community.


I’m the youngest of 5 kids. I’ve been married for 17 years to Rob and have a 16-year-old son.


Please describe what company you are with, your job title, and what you do for this company. 
I started Common Cents Bookkeeping Services Incorporated (CCBSI) almost 11 years ago on February 24, 2004. At the time I started CCBSI, I was the Director of Finances at a real estate & mortgage company. The wonderful thing about the real estate & mortgage world is that it’s filled with independent contractors. I started having quite a few people who worked at that company request that I do their bookkeeping for them. Eventually I had enough clients that it just made sense to start my own company. The services I provide to my clients are tasks such as payroll, bill pay, reconciliation, QuickBooks training…basically everything accounting-wise up to the point of income tax returns.


What do you do when you are not at
Prior to my time with the real estate/mortgage company, I worked at a newspaper company near the St. Cloud area that published weekly newspapers for St. Joseph & Sartell. I saw how involved my boss was with the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and watched her help start the Sartell Chamber of Commerce. I saw first-hand how beneficial a local Chamber was to the businesses involved in it, so when I started my own company, it was a no-brainer that I needed to join my local Chamber.


How has your experience been with the chamber? 
My experience with the Richfield Chamber has probably been slightly different than the average Chamber member’s experience since I’ve been the treasurer for the Chamber for the past 6 years. I’ve probably connected with all Chamber members either through the monthly meetings or through processing their dues & meeting payments and have met so many wonderful, talented people.


What do you do when you are not at work? 
Spare time has been a rare commodity these last couple years and a bad back has kept all non-work activities low-key, but I thoroughly enjoy spending all available spare time with my family, my dogs, my horse, or reading.