Michael Perpich

Owner and Dentist at Richfield Dentistry

Tell me a little about you: where are you from?
I grew up in Crosby-Ironton, Minnesota, which is approximately 130 miles north east of the metro area. Since graduating from dental school, my family and I have lived in the southwest suburbs.


Please describe what company you are with, your job title, and what you do for this company.
As the owner dentist at Richfield Dentistry, my team and I are committed to providing state of the art, same day comprehensive dental care. We continuously welcome new patients and very much appreciate and value our existing patients.


What inspired you to join the Chamber? How has your experience been with the chamber?
I believe it is important to give back and service the community in which I am a part of. Actively participating in the Chamber, is another way to serve the City of Richfield and our local businesses in economic growth.


What do you do when you are not at
My favorite sports teams are the Twins, Vikings, Wild and Timberwolves. For vacations I enjoy visiting Palm Desert.