Scott Hvizdos

Board Chair of the Richfield Foundation

Tell me a little about you: where are you from?
I’m originally from Muskegon, Michigan.  I moved to Minnesota for graduate school and liked the area and stayed.  My wife and I have lived in Richfield for 20 years and raised our two children here.


Please describe what company you are with, your job title, and what you do for this company.
I’m the current Board Chair of the Richfield Foundation, an all-volunteer community foundation that has been supporting good work in our city for 25 years.  Our Board includes past and present elected officials, key leaders from the city and school system, and people from many different walks of life.  We work together to promote the Foundation’s mission of Successful Kids, Secure Families, and Strong Community.  In 2014 we gave away $18,000 in grants to 12 organizations, and in our history have given away almost $180,000 in grants.


What inspired you to join the Chamber? How has your experience been with the chamber?
The Foundation became part of the Chamber in its early days, and we are grateful that many Chamber members have sponsored Foundation events or donated to the Foundation.  Last year we amended our bylaws to add a permanent Board position for a Chamber Board member (the other permanent Board spots are designated for the Mayor, City Manager, School Superintendent, and a School Board member).  The Foundation has adapted its grant-making several times in its history — getting the perspective from all parts of the city keeps our philanthropy relevant, and supports a spirit of giving and working together that makes Richfield a great place to live for all of us.


What do you do when you are not at
The Richfield Foundation IS something I do when not at work; my day job is Program Director at VEAP, which has also enjoyed great support from many Chamber members over the years.  And one of the reasons I like being part of the Foundation is that if there is anything going on in Richfield – arts, education, sports, helping meet basic needs, etc – there’s a good chance that a Foundation Board member is involved, in addition to their work with the Foundation.  It’s been a nice way to be involved in the community.