BJ Skoog

Chamber President
PO Box 23446,
Richfield, MN 55423
(612) 866-5100 | Email

After serving as the Community Outreach and Development Director on the Chamber Board of Directors, BJ Skoog began as President of the Richfield Chamber in October 2019.  BJ grew up in Richfield, graduating from RHS in 2008, and has spent his life building relational equity within the City.  He considers himself a bridge builder between people and organizations – someone who helps others meet their needs by connecting them to the resources that will assist them in fulfilling their goals.  BJ is a Certified Strengths Communicator through Leadership Vision Consulting, Founder of the Richfield Leadership Network (Instagram: @richfield_leadership_network), and recipient of the Caring Community Member Award (RHS: 2014) and Award for Community Agent (RPD/JCPP: 2019).  In his previous career, BJ worked at Hope Church in Richfield where he oversaw the youth department in collaboration with a non-profit (Young Life).  He also led the organization’s broader community engagement efforts within the city.