Posters On Board Turns 30

Posters On Board Ribbon Cutting

Congratulations to our friends at Posters On Board who celebrated their 30th anniversary with a Richfield Chamber ribbon cutting and open house! Attendees included Mayor Debbie Goettel, members of the RCOC’s Ambassadors committee, members of the RCOC Board of Directors and several other community members and guests! Take a quick second to send a congratulatory email to owner, Becky Strom.

An RCOC Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is an important part of any overall marketing and advertising plan and is a great way to kick-off a grand opening of a business, changed ownership or is under new management, moved to a new location, has been remodeled or expanded at its present location or is celebrating a milestone. Ribbon cutting ceremonies are a benefit of RCOC membership and they offer an opportunity to meet key leaders in the community and get acquainted with your neighbors and other Chamber members.

If you’d like to schedule a ribbon cutting ceremony, contact the Chamber today!