Pre-Diabetes Reversal and Ab Strength Progression

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From Elev8Wellness – Pre-Diabetes Reversed in 3 Weeks

In three weeks this client went from consistent 110+ glucose readings to consistent 70s and 80s. As you can see here, at the beginning of testing, he would get afternoon/evening readings of 140 and up. Now, after eating, he averages below 86. He’s so reversed the trend that within an hour of drinking orange juice (liquid sugar) he’s down to 80. The leading cause of blindness and limb loss in the United States is still insulin resistance and glucose intolerance: two statuses which are reversible in a matter of days. Sadly people still think of diabetes as a disease we’ve caught, rather than an arbitrary point on a grey scale which we shift everyday.

It’s not easy. But it’s quite simple: get your average blood glucose below 86 if you want to get healthier and fitter. Test before eating and after eating. If your pre-meal test is above 85, you’re going to have a slightly more difficult journey ahead of you. Anything that moves that number up is suspect. I should also add that insulin is THE sodium retention pump; thus, as insulin collapses you lose the mechanism for high blood pressure.

Resistance training is the only activity which reliably disposes of glucose independent of insulin. Carbohydrate restriction is the only behavior which reliably reduces the body’s capacity to maintain elevated averages of glucose (yes, perceived stress can still induce the liver to dump sugar into the blood; but this capacity eventually runs dry in an environment of dietary carbohydrate restriction).

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From Urban Fitness Twin Cities – Progress Your Ab Strength Slowly to Achieve Teaser Strength

No need to be afraid of teasers during your Pilates practice or class! Start small and gain strength gradually with these teaser progressions to work up to the full exercise.

Grab a mat and push play to start working on stronger abs RIGHT NOW!

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