Richfield Business Council Meeting

CollaborateThe Richfield Business Council (RBC) is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Richfield Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the RBC is to bring together all the people, public institutions, businesses and community organizations with interests in the local economy. We meet periodically to review economic development opportunities in Richfield and most recent collaborative efforts include the 77th Street Underpass.

The Council is comprised of city staff, city government officials, Richfield Public Schools, and Chamber staff and members; it serves the unique needs of its area members; potential outcomes could be strategic planning, programs and economic development initiatives. RBC meetings are an opportunity for the group to prioritize and bring focus to business and community needs in Richfield; increasing awareness provides for a stronger, united voice.

Today’s meeting of the RBC focused on developments at Richfield Public schools including the new Superintendent and opportunities for the business community to engage with the schools. Other topics included the 2018 Super Bowl and VisitRichfield‘s possible promotional opportunities, next steps with the 77th Street Underpass and a general overview of the sale of the Holy Angels front lawn.