Recent Member Programs Address Maximizing Human Resources

Our two most recent member programs focused on capitalizing trends in leadership development, digital marketing and technology. On October 26, the Chamber hosted our October monthly member event featuring executive coach and leadership specialist, Erv Morrell-Stinson. Morrell-Stinson encouraged attendees to think outside the box, not to adhere too tightly to traditional top-down management models, and to develop the leadership potential within themselves. He also emphasized how important it is to find out what you clients want, and to manage your employees through inspiration, rather than intimidation or negative controls.

Our November BEER event was also an excellent program, featuring Mike Derheim, former CEO of The Nerdery, and Mark Hurlburt, President of Prime Digital Academy. The key message of their presentation was that changes in the way that consumers and markets operate are bringing software to the forefront of even the most low-tech business models. They spoke about how emerging business models rely on the knowledge of what consumers want, and then figure out how to give it to them. One of the examples they used was of the company, Uber. The company figured out that consumers did not want to stand on street corners for taxis, but would rather have the car come to them. Uber did not have to invest in cars, due to their innovative business model, and therefore kept their own investment and expenses down to maximize profit.

These were both great meetings, and we do hope that you will take a look at upcoming events on the Chamber calendar.