Richfield Bloomington Honda – Expansion Underway!

rb-honda-1-1200xx1941-1092-0-98Richfield Bloomington Honda received great coverage recently about their upcoming expansion efforts. The Honda dealership plans a ‘jewelry box’ display that would be visible from Interstate 494 – a design that is very unique to the Honda system and to the community.

The investment that Tom Wood Management is demonstrating along 77th Street in Richfield is a tremendous example of the business vitality in the area. The Honda and Mitsubishi dealerships are setting a great example to other area businesses in their commitment to community reinvestment and we sincerely hope that their example will lead other businesses to invest in Richfield as well.

Having these beautiful new dealerships in this area will lead to new traffic and will ultimately positively affect neighboring businesses – and as we all know, increased traffic will help improve business activity and bottom lines.

On behalf of the Richfield Chamber of Commerce, thank you Tom Wood Management for your support of the community and we look forward to watching this innovative, sustainable and environmentally sensitive automotive campus evolve while bringing more jobs to Richfield and transforming the area.