Richfield Chamber Circle of Excellence: Business Leader of the Year – Steve Schneeberger


Business Leader of the Year: Steve Schneeberger

Congratulations to Steve Schneeberger of The Schneeberger Group for winning the 2018 Business Leader of the Year award!

The concept of the Business Leader of the Year Award is to perpetuate among Richfield Chamber of Commerce members a determination that our world is not just a profit-and-loss statement in which each person’s life is dedicated to surpassing others, but a world in which all of us are dependent upon each other to produce the best that is within us. Steve Schneeberger began his real estate career in 2002. He became inspired to enter the real estate business initially as an investor. However, after completing his license training he realized that a career in residential real estate would be exciting and rewarding. It turns out that helping people buy and sell homes has become Steve’s career calling. His areas of focus include Richfield, Bloomington, Edina and South Minneapolis. Steve relocated his office to 66th and Penn last year and has been active with our Chamber President in identifying opportunities for improvement along that corridor. Steve also hosts regular community education meetings educating residents on the process of buying and selling a home. Steve serves as the Treasurer for the Richfield Foundation and volunteers his time organizing the parade route for Richfield’s Red White and Blue Days every summer. He and his wife host a player for the MN Magicians hockey team and welcome them as one of the family. Last year, Steve and his team hosted the 14th annual Great Pumpkin Giveaway. He joined with other local businesses, ordered in hundreds of pumpkins and set up at Fairwood Park to hand out pumpkins to all who stop by. Steve is a shining example of a great business leader being a great steward of our community.

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