Richfield Chamber Circle of Excellence: Governmental Affairs Award – Debbie Goettel


Governmental Affairs Award: Debbie Goettel


Congratulations to Debbie Goettel for winning the 2018 Governmental Affairs Award!

Commissioner Goettel served 10 years as Mayor of Richfield. During that time, she spurred significant redevelopment in the downtown area and south side of the city. Her collaboration with the city council and staff also led to the city’s first comprehensive five-year plan to repave all city streets. In addition to her brick-and-mortar contributions to the city, Debbie is proud of her human rights initiatives. In 2011, she and the city passed an ordinance for partnership agreements, providing same-sex couples with the same rights as married couples. The success in Richfield paved the way for collaboration with other city mayors to pass similar partnership agreements. Debbie and her mayoral colleagues were proud to support the efforts that led to statewide equality in 2013. In January 2017, Debbie started as Hennepin County Commissioner for District 5. She came prepared with the experience needed to be a strong advocate for her suburban district. Outside of her service in public office, Debbie has been an active participant in local and regional civics. Her passion for creating a brighter future led to service on the Richfield Foundation board, the Minnesota Environmental Initiatives Task Force, the Richfield Red White and Blue Days Committee, the Metropolitan Housing Policy Board, the League of Minnesota Cities, the Urban Land Institute’s Regional Council of Mayors, and the Governor’s 2013 Local Government Aid task force. Debbie has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) and completed graduate studies on environmental sustainability at Harvard and University of Minnesota. In her professional career, she worked for international companies in the area of Sustainability, Environment, Health, and Safety. At the County Commissioner’s office, Debbie serves as the chair for the Administration, Libraries and Budget Committee. She is a member of the Child Wellbeing Taskforce, a member of Heading Home Hennepin, the vice-chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, and a contributing member to Hennepin County Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority, Hennepin Health and the Transportation Advisory Board. With over 15 years in public service, it is our great honor, to award the Governmental Affairs Award to Debbie Goettel for her many years of service and dedication to this community.

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