Richfield Primary Election Results Narrow Candidate Field

There were several primary races whose results impact Richfield residents. The race for Hennepin County Commissioner, District 5, is to fill the seat of retiring long-time commissioner Randy Johnson. A field of six candidates was winnowed down to two on Tuesday, August 9th. Richfield Mayor Debbie Goettel (49.89% of the vote) and Bloomington Chamber President Maureen Scallen Failor (26.13%) will advance to the November 1st general election.

Another race to watch is the Richfield City Council seat being vacated by Tom Fitzhenry in Ward 3. The matchup in the general election will feature candidates Maria Regan Gonzales (46.02%) and Lisa Rudolph (42.55%).

Both Debbie Goettel and Lisa Rudolph are Richfield Chamber of Commerce members. I’m sure that you will be hearing more from them and the other candidates between now and the election in November. Make sure you ask or find out how the candidates stand on issues that affect businesses in Richfield!