Richfield Review: Augsburg Park

I visited Augsburg Park in Richfield on a sunny Monday morning and had the place all to myself. Augsburg park is located just south of the Richfield Community Center at 70th and Nicollet Avenue. The park has something for everyone with a tier-one skate park, tennis courts, two playground areas, a small pond, covered picnic areas, and grills available to the public during daylight hours. The skatepark is a favorite among young skaters in the area; designed to simulate a “streetscape,” with steps, railings, and concrete benches. Picnic tables and benches are skattered throughout the vast green space at Augsburg Park, many of which are shaded by some of the oldest oak trees in the city of Richfield.

I walked through the park on the clean, paved path to make sure I didn’t miss anything. There was a crane fishing in the pond, alongside ducks and plenty of dragonflies. Some kids were getting private tennis lessons on the courts, though most courts were available. The playgrounds looked to be in great condition with only a few well supervised kids playing on them. I could have walked around in the beautiful June weather enjoying the wild life all day.

Augsburg Park also shares space with the Augsburg Park Library, which is part of the Hennepin County Library system and serves the Richfield as well as parts of Minneapolis. Despite the work being done on the library, there were plenty of people coming in and out with arms full of books, some of which were probably children who’ve just started their summer break. With so many free activities to take advantage of, it’s not hard to imagine the benefit of being a parent of small children within walking distance to this beautiful park!

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