Richfield Review: Cone Brothers Ice Cream Cafe

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6633 Penn Ave S
Richfield, MN 55423

Cone Brothers Ice Cream Cafe is a great little 1950’s inspired shop where you can get classics like a hot fudge Sunday, a vintage soda, or a scoop of Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. I stopped in to this little shop on a Tuesday afternoon on a cool spring day. I was greeted by the friendly owner of the store and took a minute to admire the vintage 1950’s toys lining the walls before ordering.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream in Every Flavor!

With the Beach Boys playing in the background, I ordered four dishes of the famous Chocolate Shoppe ice cream for myself and my coworkers to sample. I opted for a Brownie Fudge ice cream, Yippee Skippy, Maple Nut, and classic Strawberry. All four were delicious and quickly disappeared back at the office. Other favorites include the all fruit smoothies, vintage sodas, and the Chicago style hot dogs. If you’re not in a hurry and have the time to relax while you enjoy your ice cream, you can take a seat at one of the vintage wooden booths that line the wall. Directly across from the seating area, there is a classic juke box with all of your favorite 1950’s hits.

Great Ice Cream with a Vintage 1950’s Feel

The weather wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for on this cool April day, but come summer I’m sure this will be a popular local spot. Stop in and enjoy some excellent ice cream and take a look at the cool vintage Batman, Spiderman and Fantastic Four toys on display. This place would be the perfect spot for a first date, or just a nice summer night out with the family. Stop by and find your favorite flavor today!

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