Richfield Review: Eddie’z Auto Wash

Eddie’z Auto Wash is located at 2816 West 66th Street, next to the Dairy Queen. I stopped in on a Tuesday afternoon, around 3:30pm, and found that I was able to get my car washed immediately without waiting in line. Eddie’z offers their customers the unique ability to purchase the car wash of their choice online ahead of time, print the receipt with bar code, and scan it at the entrance to the automatic wash. The process was incredibly simple, and I appreciated being able to take my time comparing my different car was options and choosing the one I felt was the best deal. I went for the Platinum Wash, which ended up being $18.64 after I applied my $2 “Grand Web Store Opening” discount. The Platinum Wash includes a hot wax shine, Rain-X surface protectant, tire shine, bug & salt remover, underbody flush, clear coat, paint triple treatment, rim/wheel de-greaser, and a hand jet dry. This is a great choice during the winter months to help keep your vehicle protected and salt-free.

The process was simple and straight-forward, and the wash was very thorough. Free with every wash purchase is unlimited vacuuming, which is done after the exterior wash at convenient stations. Once you pull your vehicle up to the station, two vacuums are available for your use, with extra-long hoses so you won’t miss an inch! I drove away very satisfied with my experience, and my shiny clean car.

If you’re the type of person who likes to keep a spotless vehicle, you might want to consider the Unlimited Wash Pass. The Unlimited Wash Pass is offered in four tiers including Platinum, Works, Ultimate, and Express. Monthly charge for the Unlimited Wash Pass ranges from $19.99 to $44.99. If you wash your car at least twice a month, this may be a great option for you. I recommend checking out the Eddie’z Auto Wash website to review your options before heading to their West 66th Street location. Keep your vehicle looking great all year long with this great neighborhood car wash service!