Richfield Review: Entertainment in the Park

I headed over to Augsburg Park in Richfield to enjoy the Entertainment in the Park on a warm, summer Thursday afternoon. This particular performance was put on by The Resistors, a local band that is known for their ability to “tune in” to their audience and put on a great show that will appeal to most everyone. This evening’s performance in Augsburg Park was no different with hits from Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Louis Armstrong.

Canine Friendly Entertainment!

I arrived at the park just as the band was starting to play and took advantage of the empty Library parking lot. With my little terrier in tow, I picked out a spot in the grass and settled in for some free entertainment. The concert area is simple, with a sloping hill that serves as the seating area and a concrete patch that serves as the stage. Despite the simplicity of the setting, the park acts like a natural amphitheater, and the old oak trees in the park provide some nice shade.

The audience was small, so there was ample room for everyone, including some toddlers that had enough room to run around and dance to the music. Sitting on the grass and listening to the music, I loved the casual atmosphere of both the audience and the performers. Occasionally the audience would chuckle as a toddler would get brave and venture up to the band for a better view. Even the two golden retrievers next to us seemed content on their blankets, taking in the performance.

Free Every Thursday Night at 7pm

I highly recommend spending an evening enjoying this free entertainment at Augsburg Park in Richfield. Music starts at 7:00pm every Thursday night (weather dependent) and there is no need to get there early as the crowd is small and the seating area is expansive. Bring a blanket or a few lawn chairs as there is just a grassy hill to sit on. This entertainment is very kid friendly, so bring the whole family and make the most of your summer nights in Richfield! View the entire summer line-up here.

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