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Richfield Review: Minnesota Workwear Store

Location Information
7512 Lyndale Ave South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423

Richfield Reviews by Dan Randolph

It is often difficult to find durable workwear. Richfield is fortunate to have a specialty store that specializes in selling workwear from manufacturers like Dickies and Carhartt. When you step into Minnesota Workwear’s store at 75th and Lyndale, it is full of a wide variety of work clothing. Pants, Shirts, Jackets and boots fill the floor.

Minnesota Workwear has long had an online store, but this year they opened a retail presence. Now local shoppers will be able to stop by the store and buy the clothing they are looking for. Carhartt and Dickies are the most prominent brands, but you’ll also find offerings from Red Kap and Wolverine Boots and much more.

The staff at Minnesota Workwear is very friendly and can help you find what you need. In addition to the store offerings, Minnesota Workwear operates one of the larger online Workwear stores in the US with thousands of offerings, so if it is not in the store, they can help you get exactly what you need.

I am used to buying jeans that a little too long. Because jeans are often sold in 2” length increments, this is a common problem. Most people solve this with hemming pants at an additional cost. I discovered that Minnesota Workwear sells jeans in 1” increments, so I am able to get jeans in a perfect length.

Minnesota Workwear’s address and phone number can be found here and their website can be found here.

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