Richfield Review: Petco

Location Information
710 W 66th St
Richfield, MN 55423

Richfield Reviews by Kerry Galbraith

Petco is located on 66th Street in Richfield, and is one of the most well known pet supply chain stores. I stopped in to Petco on a Tuesday afternoon with a short list of items I needed for my little terrier, Finley. Treats, a new toy, and some dental care items were on my list, and I found them all quickly and easily. Petco has a wide variety of items for every kind of pet, including mice, reptiles, ferrets, guinea pigs, dogs and cats, to name just a few. If you’re looking for relatively low prices and wide variety, Petco is a great option. Also, it’s fun to take a peek at the snoozing ferrets and nibbling guinea pigs while you shop.

Beyond the pet supplies, Petco also offers grooming services and training for your dog! A lot of my friends and family members have had good experiences using their puppy behavioral training and socialization services. They even offer behavioral tips for cat owners! In addition to training and grooming services, you’ll find pet prescriptions, vaccinations and microchip ID services, heartworm testing, and deworming.

Petco aims to keep your pet healthy and happy. Whether you’re looking for the best kind of bedding for your lizard, tooth cleaning treats for your dog, or a Halloween costume for your cat, Petco has you covered.